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  • Associate Director, Discovery Data Science

    Only Medics
    New Jersey, USA
    • Full Time
  • MSL – Oncology

    Only Medics
    San Francisco, USA
    • Full Time
  • MSL – Neurology

    Only Medics
    New York, USA
    • Full Time
  • Senior Medical Manager

    Only Medics
    Berkshire, UK
    • Full Time
  • Senior Director Medical Operations

    Only Medics
    London East, UK
    • Full Time
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Recruiting Physicians for Pharma

Only Medics is a specialist international medical recruitment company that focuses exclusively on the recruitment of pharmaceutical physicians for pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) and Regulatory Authorities.

We successfully recruit on both a contingent and retained basis on permanent positions as well as interim medical assignments. Our geographic reach is truly global and although our main focus is the European job market, we also recruit for pharmaceutical physician jobs in the US, Canada, Australia and Asia Pacific.

Created in 2005, Only Medics was the first of its kind: a niche specialist recruitment organisation catering solely to the need of physicians. Since then, Only Medics has distinguished itself as the market-leader in its field recruiting for more than 90 european organisations including many of the ‘top 10’ pharma. Today Only Medics is established as the medical recruitment company of choice and has attained an exclusive or preferred supplier for many organisations from global pharma through medium and small-sized companies to start-up ventures, CROs, Biotech companies and national regulatory bodies.

With first-hand experience of working in the pharmaceutical/CRO and recruitment sectors, we have a detailed understanding of jobs for pharmaceutical physicians.

Candidates enjoy the organisation’s sole focus on their market place and an unrivalled range of career options from across the continent and beyond. Furthermore we offer in-depth career analysis and active steps to better prepare for interview success.

Clients are presented with the most highly sought-after local or international medical experts for their challenging positions. We submit well-prepared candidates who meet the recruitment brief and provide superior guarantee of interview success and fast assignment-to-completion times.


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