Vision and Commitment

Only Medics aims to achieve the highest standards of environmental management in all our activities. We manage our responsibilities and performance through environmental controls across the whole of our client/candidate portfolio. We believe that the environment will become a corporate priority in the future and surpass other factors in driving change.


The Directors of Only Medics keep this policy under annual review as part of the company’s wider commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.


Only Medics is committed to conserving natural resources.  We operate in a web-based virtual environment with services from external providers as required.  This means we have minimal overheads and sustain an efficient, economical service with minimum materials and energy.

Although our style of operation reduces need for consumables, we:

  • use ‘green’ desktop PCs and notebooks with reduced amounts of lead in their construction to reduce energy consumption, flat panel displays, multi-function handhelds and all-in-one  printers that use less material and are more energy-efficient than conventional desktop PCs and individual scan, fax, copy and print devices. These products help reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and space used in transport, all of which reduce environmental impact.
  • recycle mobile phones by donating them to charitable organisations
  • use paper containing fibre from sawmill residues, forest thinnings and sustainable forests. Pulps used in the production of the paper are Elemental Chlorine Free and any waste by-products are disposed of as soil conditioner.  Any water used in the production of the paper is treated and returned to source in a better condition than when removed in accordance with local laws.  Water is re-used many times.
  • avoid printing where possible.
  • re-cycle inkjet cartridges.
  • minimise our waste by reduction, re-use and recycling methods for white and mixed paper, plastics, glass, aluminium, cardboard, metal and fluorescent lighting.
  • conserve energy, water and other resources.
  • power down all computing systems outside of business operating hours.


  • ensure we are compliant with relevant legislation, guidance and best practice principles
  • ensure that environmental impacts are evaluated and managed when developing policy, initiating change and when reaching key investment/disinvestment decisions
  • invest in clean, energy efficient technologies
  • seek continual improvement in activities and operations that impact on the environment
  • adopt measures to achieve continual improvement of environmental performance and pollution prevention
  • manage and control environmental impacts systematically by monitoring progress, reviewing and auditing performance
  • manage our environmental information and track and report openly our performance
  • work with our stakeholders to improve our environmental performance and minimise environmental impacts
  • ensure we are aware of our key impacts on the environment, understand our responsibilities and commit to applying our policies to meet specific objectives
  • promote and encourage involvement in local environmental initiatives/schemes.
  • re-cycle mobile phones to meet new regulations governing the disposal of electrical waste

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