Only Medics is the partner of choice for expertly guiding pharmaceutical physicians through the process of international relocation.

As a Pan-European organisation, we are experienced in assisting pharmaceutical physicians in finding their next challenge overseas. Our consultants are highly experienced in relocating candidates and are sensitive to the implications of an international career move. Our professional team will be able to draw on years of experience to advise, counsel and guide prospective candidates through the intricacies of relocation including practical advice on quality of life in different parts of Europe, what support to expect from employers in the relocation, taxation advice, schooling system, linguistic requirements, requisite medical accreditation, options for commute arrangements and/or working from home.

With the mobility in the current marketplace, it is generally accepted that relocation is a part of career development. However for the outcome to be successful for both parties it is important to strike the right balance of professional and personal conditions. For example, our consultants will be able to advise impartially on the possibility of moving from an affiliate level role to an international HQ function. We have an unbeatable track record in this area.







Benefits to clients
Our highly experienced consultants are able to present the best candidates from right across Europe who are willing and able to undertake a full relocation process. The client will also be fully aware of the candidates broader picture including details concerning family (and children), expectations surrounding remuneration, the level of support required and any other factors affecting the recruitment process.

We have experience of moving candidates across Europe, including Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands and CEE as well as the US.

Benefits to candidates

As a pharmaceutical professional, experience of working in an international setting makes your profile highly attractive to prospective employers. But there are many elements that a pharmaceutical physician must consider when looking internationally for a next career move. Only Medics is with you every step of the way to provide guidance on questions such as

What are the cost and living standards like?

How much can I expect to earn?

What is the work environment like?

Do I have to speak the local language?

Will the company support my relocation process?

What support can I expect in terms of financial and logistical support from the client?

Will I be provided with temporary accommodation in the first instance?

Will international schooling be provided for my children? (if applicable)

Will my partner be able to find a job?

Please do not hesitate to contact our consultants if you wish to discuss the opportunity of broadening and enhancing both professional and personal life with the experience of working abroad

Relocation overview
Our area of focus for Europe is all major pharmaceutical markets including France, Germany, United Kingdom, Benelux, Switzerland and the Nordic region. Additionally we have expertise in relocations to Austria, Russia, US, Australia and Asia Pacific.

To discuss your next career move with our consultants, please contact our team on: +44(0)118 9522799.

Useful links for Europe

Expat Advice about Moving Overseas and International Relocation, settling in abroad, an expert on international living, repatriation, or just considering an expatriate adventure? Expat Exchange can help! Expat Exchange have been helping expats navigate international relocation and the phases of culture shock. The website compiles hundreds of reports from expatriates living abroad, expatriate resources and articles, international jobs, international real estate, travel warnings and more.

A simple international relocation portal: move, work, live abroad. The website provides excellent information on the European Capitals, a helpful forum and blog service.

Emigration Expert aim to provide answers to your questions on tax, visa’s and building a home abroad. For many people, emigrating can be a very stressful and worrying time. It’s natural to have concerns about procedures, laws, emotions and the practicalities of moving to a new country.

If you are you considering moving to Europe and are looking for information and help with your move to Europe then we can help guide you, with excellent links to moving your possessions throughout Europe.

Europe is an area of many contrasts and each country has different rules, regulations and requirements, but for your convenience we have provided a short check-list of items to think through before moving including living costs, financial decisions and insurance documents.


Since successful businesses in the Geneva area, GGBa are the backbone of Switzerland’s healthy economy, our sole objective is to support foreign-based companies so they can start their activities in Switzerland as quickly and easily as possible. Thanks to our considerable local knowledge and experience, we can provide free, tailor-made assistance in all stages of the process, from evaluating your preferred locations to finalizing all the details in between. No matter whether your project is in its inception or at an advanced stage, our specialist advisers can help.

Swiss Info provides an up to date website with politics, news and business information. It also shows excellent information about the authorities in Switzerland and the education system, and links to organisations and associations who can assist you in moving to Switzerland.


A useful online checklist to help with you moving to Germany. The website provides an insight into healthcare costs, insurance, medical system and emergency services. A practical menu to aid with relocation services and real estate agents will also be beneficial, as will the registration purpose that anyone who moves to Germany must correspond with in the first 3 months of arrival in Germany,

This website provides relocation specialists that take care of the matters with relocating to Germany. The website is not limited to finding housing and schools for newly arrived expatriates, they also assist you through the maze of German bureaucracy, getting your visa, residency permit, work permit, driving license etc

They negotiate your lease, get you the best deal possible, warn you when it or other important documents are about to expire, take care of customs formalities, familiarize you and your family with the new environment, find you a bank or insurance company, get you a telephone, go shopping with you to get whatever furniture you need and appliances that work on the German current.


An introduction website to living in France with financial considerations, such as moving on a limited budget / how little money can you move with. Language considerations, and help with learning the language. Meeting people and becoming established within the French community and links on Schools and education for your children moving to France.

Find out more about relocating to France with this simple website showing you the steps needed to contend with the rules and regulations of France. Also includes links to the ‘Top 10 Nice Attractions’ in France and additional sights and attractions in the ‘Best of France’ tab.


This website initiates, supports and monitors cooperation in the areas of economy, sustainability and security. Providing a good approach to the visa policy and consultation in the fields of justice, police and immigration. The Benelux has a long tradition of cooperation in these areas, while at the same time there are still big differences in the participation of the Member States in consultation in the European Union.

GMC-RELOCATION is a young and innovative company created by a group of consultants with extensive experience with International Companies and expatriates from around the world. The goal is to be your partner as you plan your short-term stay, or permanent relocation to Belgium. They will help you and your family feel at home by making your transition as smooth as possible. It can be confusing to move to a new country, especially when there are new languages and customs to learn. If you’re looking to move anywhere in Belgium, GMC relocation would be happy to help!


An excellent portal for information on the Netherlands, with useful information on Business Visa’s and Work Permit’s, Working or Employment Visa’s, Long and Short Term Visa’s, Family Reunion Visa’s, Visa’s for EU Citizens and even Student Visa information.

A tourist based website for living and working in the Netherlands. Links for Netherlands news in the media, Visa information, facts and figures on Netherlands, working permits, tax and social security numbers and registering with the Foreign Police, finding a job and how the Dutch deal with application letters, CVs and job interviews, the Dutch labour market, living in the Netherlands, including topics such as social security, health care, sickness insurance and taxation.

The official website of the Netherlands on immigration. This site will guide you to the government organizations you may have to deal with.

This website will help with importing goods to the Netherlands and the regulations about your personal belongings, vehicles, pets etc You need to apply for a permit if you are bringing your car or motorcycle to the Netherlands, follow the link for more information.

The Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education, with news sections, events and study benefits.


Official Site of Scandinavian Tourist Boards

The Nordic region includes the countries of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland. The website includes links for Education, Religion, facts and Stats and tourist information

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