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Executive search is a series of processes that ultimately attract and hire the most qualified and appropriate person to meet the challenges of the position in question.

The benefits of a retained executive search over contingency recruitment:

  1. Accountability: one firm is accountable for the delivery of the project
  2. Guaranteed results within set-timelines
  3. Process: the candidates will have been both properly vetted and briefed so you will only be presented with highly-qualified and highly-motivated candidates providing a more efficient recruitment process.
  4. Transparent: A process that allows all parties to be kept informed of developments.
  5. Professional approach: you are assured that the marketplace has been approached in a consistent and informed fashion.

The most common reasons clients choose to use retained executive search are:

  • The role is high-need/business critical: perhaps with a significant impact on the bottom line of the business e.g. Head of Medical Affairs.
  • The role is time-critical: where the company cannot afford not to have someone in place within a given timeframe e.g. Medical Advisor, Pharmacovigilance Physician.
  • The position is of high-specialisation: where the individual has to be headhunted through pure lack of available talent i.e. pharmacokinetics / pre-clinical development.
  • Candidates are not on the market: the majority of pharmaceutical physicians identified in a search are not actively seeking a new job, but are identified through research as the most viable candidates.  This approach will allow the organisation to attract ‘top quartile’ performing candidates while ensuring the corporate and employment brand of the organisation are represented correctly and that the candidate expectations are managed effectively.
  • Candidate ownership: a retained Only Medics consultant will never present a candidate to more than one client at a time, and will not accept fees from individuals for the purpose of helping them find a job.
  • Only Medics track record: – An unrivalled success rate in the success delivery of retained search assignments

Having discussed your requirement fully with you and having identified retained executive search as the most effective method of successfully filling your role, you decide to exclusively appoint Only Medics to conduct the search. The standard retained assignment structure is:

Stage 1

  • Preparation of a highly detailed position profile, summarising your company information, the role, candidate profile, remuneration and recruitment process
  • Development of a search plan summarising target companies, candidate experience and locations to be considered.
  • Execution of research to identify candidates according to the search plan.
  • Discussion of a long-list of candidates, market feedback and our recommendations, face to face if appropriate.
  • We will approach and contact the long-list and where appropriate interview, assess and evaluate them using pre-agreed criteria. Candidates will either be met face-to-face or via Videoconference.

Stage 2 (Normally 6 weeks after start of stage 1)

  • Your appointed search consultant will meet with you in order to present a detailed report on each of the short-listed candidates (normally 3-5 are short-listed)
  • We will schedule your interviews with the candidates and organise international travel where required.
  • We will liaise with you and the candidates throughout the recruitment process and manage the expectation of candidates throughout this time.
  • Close involvement throughout offer / negotiation phase of the recruitment process to ensure a successful appointment.

Stage 3

  • Follow up with the successful candidate after their joining date so any issues can be dealt with quickly.
  • Assignment review – we will also be able to provide a detailed breakdown of the feedback obtained from the market place and the reasons as to why some candidates opted not to enter the recruitment process.

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