The pharmaceutical and biotech industry faces constant pressure to develop and launch new products, this is often increased by the inability to attract and retain critical staff.  There are several factors that make Only Medics interims an increasingly popular and cost-effective option for our clients. These factors are characterised as a ‘value proposition’ that only medics interims offer to our clients.

Typically there are 5 key factors that add value for our interim customers:

Speed: only medics interims can be on site within five working days

Effectiveness: our interim managers have the level of experience and expertise to ensure that the role is fufilled with minimum supervision

Accountability: our interims are accountable for thier work. They can deliver projects independently and will always be accountable for outcomes.

Flexibility: only medics interims are available to meet the needs of client organisations when they need a precise skill-set at the right time.

Competitive Pricing: only medics will provide interims at all levels at competitive market rates

Only Medics interims attracts and presents the best candidates for your short, medium or long term resourcing needs. As one of the leading providers of interim pharmaceutical physicians in Europe, we can provide a shortlist of highly skilled interim medics in just a few days. The flexible use of this resource and providing instant access to high-quality candidates enables you to function with support, confidence and agility.

We can help you whatever your needs, providing an expert for a few days a month or long term cover for new product launches, regulatory inspections or to overcome head count restrictions . We have a comprehensive database of locally registered interim medics –  all with successful backgrounds in the pharmaceutical industry.

What is an  ‘interim medic’?

The role of an interim pharmaceutical physician is much more than traditional senior roles with companies who have headcount restrictions. The job opportunities can be fixed-term assignments or permanent roles but ones in which the medic’s employer is Only Medics.

Options are as follows:

  • Only Medics Freelance Experts: Long-standing senior positions still exist and can only be successfully filled by candidates who have the strategic insight, skill and knowledge base gained by pharmaceutical physicians who have worked at medical director or similar level.
  • Only Medics Freelance Contractors: pharmaceutical physicians who have around 2 years’ industry experience and are prepared to work on a fixed term contract on a freelance basis.
  • Only Medics In Sourced Contractors (UK Only): The physician has a permanent contract of employment with only medics, who then sub-contracts the individual to pharma companies with resource gaps.

Only Medics freelance interims:

Historically interim pharmaceutical physicians who have had significant experience at medical director level then have the option of stepping on to the interim career ladder to offer their services as freelance experts.

There are a number of benefits for clients:

– Medics with the right level of experience could cover any aspect of pharmaceutical medicine for a client company
– Clients can fill a resource gap while the recruitment process got underway to find a replacement for a permanent role.
– Urgent need for a short-term position working alongside a more senior medical adviser on pre-launch activities for a new compound.
– The benefit to the pharma companies is the ease and speed (typically within 5 days with Only Medics) with which sudden resource gaps could be addressed.

Only Medics freelance contractors

Often pharmaceutical companies are seeking pharmaceutical physicians who have around 2 years’ industry experience and are prepared to work on a freelance contract via Only Medics with a competitive daily rate paid.

– The contract is for a fixed term, usually a year via Only Medics
– Typically contracts are full time i.e. 5 days
– Opportunities on offer are many and varied and call for candidates who have anything from no experience right up to those with over 5 years experience

Only Medics in sourced contractors

Pharmaceutical companies are also looking for pharmaceutical physicians who have around 2 years’ industry experience, who are prepared to work on a fixed term contract with a competitive salary and a package of benefits to match.

  • Contract of employment is for a fixed term, usually a year with Only Medics
  • Typically contracts are full time
  • Only Medics provide a comprehensive benefits package inclusive of basic salary, car, pension, life insurance, bonus and holidays
  • Educational supervisory support for PMST

For more information on the services Only Medics interims can offer please contact us on +44(0)118 952 2799.

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