Only Medics is committed to operating to the highest levels of business ethics and has a code of conduct developed to ensure employers and jobseekers receive the highest recruitment standards.

As the only company exclusively dedicated to recruiting physicians for roles across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, our standards meet the requirements of this specialist group.

Only Medics is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 (registration number PZ9227303) as a “data controller.”

The Directors of Only Medics keep this policy under annual review as part of the company’s commitment to enhance and uphold ethical recruitment standards.

Recruitment Standards
We seek to enhance the recruitment profession by upholding high standards in everything that we do. We represent ourselves fairly, honestly and courteously at all times and do not engage in any activities which would bring the recruitment industry into disrepute.

Continuing Professional Knowledge
We ensure that we continuously update our professional knowledge in relation to recruitment and commit to 80 hours of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) per year.

Recruitment Solutions
We seek to provide the best possible recruitment solution to the identified needs of our client at all times and do all that is reasonably practicable to achieve this.

We always comply with legislation and regulation as it affects the process of recruitment and do not assist or act in collusion with clients to knowingly circumvent the law or standards of ethical recruitment practice in any way.

At all times we act with integrity, honesty, due diligence and appropriate behaviour that can be reasonably expected of recruitment professionals.

Recruitment Practice
At all times we promote fair recruitment practices that are in accordance with all anti-discrimination law that is in place in the EU.

We respect our ‘clients’ and ‘candidates’ confidentiality at all times. We do not send a CV to a client without the candidate’s permission. We do not put a candidate forward for a role until we have sent the candidate a full job description and discussed the role, in detail, first. Similarly, we ask candidates and clients to respect the confidentiality of all information we provide and not disclose it to third parties. We ask candidates not to make use of the information we provide to make personal applications to clients.

We promote due diligence and high standards of timeliness, accuracy of information and advice given to clients and candidates.

We do not undertake tasks which are outside our personal level of skills, competence and qualifications.

We report to the appropriate regulatory bodies any company that breaches any regulation or legislation applicable to the recruitment industry.

We listen and question to fully understand your requirements, offer advice where needed and continuously update and improve our service.

We do what we say we are going to do. If we say we will call you at 8am – we will. If we believe there is a better approach – we’ll say so.

Treating Everyone With Respect
We treat our clients and candidates with equal respect. We make decisions regarding assignments without regard to sex, age, handicap, disability, religious creed, racial background or national origin.

Professional Representation
We represent clients and candidates in the candidate market. We understand the ethos of the client companies we work with and are as proud to sell their companies as we are to sell our own.

Maintaining Contact with you
Prior to submitting candidates we let clients know how applications and screening interviews are progressing. Throughout interview and appointment processes we maintain regular contact with clients and candidates. But it’s a 2-way process, so we do appreciate a prompt response when we contact you!

Promotion of our Services
Our promotional materials provide fair representation of the company’s services.

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