Diabetes UK and Tesco Diets team up to raise awareness for healthy eating

The major supermarket Tesco is forming an alliance with the charity Diabetes UK, to raise £10 million to create healthier communities to help those affected by or at risk of Diabetes. This alliance is recognising their shared views and opinions which have a common aim to help those affected by the disease.

Diabetes UK is very pleased to be working with Tesco’s diets and this is a new partnership which they hope will remain for a significant period of time. The scheme is to help raise awareness of the importance of weight management and healthy eating. £1 will be donated to Diabetes UK for every 1lb lost by a Tesco’s diet member – using the play on words with the name ‘1lbs for £s’. The campaign is supported by the likes of television presenter Ruth Lansford, along with cricketer Darren Gough.

The diet plan provided in Tesco support packs will hopefully provide motivation and support for those involved. The campaign will aim to take action to help Tesco diet members to lose weight, which is important for the risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes to be reduced; and weight management is an essential part of Diabetes control.

Only 20.4% of British citizens with type 2 Diabetes have the condition under control, according to the National Diabetes Audit. If it is not under control then individuals with the condition are at a higher risk of heart disease, kidney failure or other such serious implications. This is a risk which therefore 70.6% of British sufferers are taking.

Tesco stores will be supplying these free information packs throughout the UK, the motivation behind this is to educate people about the condition, and help those who do to manage it through encouraging them to eat healthily.

Source: Pharmatimes DiabetesUK 

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