If 8 areas of NHS activity were improved then vast amounts of money for CCGS could be saved

If the National Health Service improved just 8 areas of their activity then 212 of England’s Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) would save more than £1.6 billion. Statistics were analysed in research by consultancy MedeAnalytics. This covers all patient-level activity and associated costs taking place in hospitals in England.

From analysis, researchers have narrowed down 8 areas of acitivity that could be either internally improved by NHS Trusts or carried out closer to people’s homes. This would reduce hospital visits and the costs associated with them.

The main 8 areas which are suggested could be cut down are the following:

–          Emergency admissions with 0-1 day length of stay

–          Inappropriate admissions

–          Re-admissions within 30 days

–          Outpatient procedures carried out as inpatient same day procedures

–          Follow up outpatients to first outpatients visits ratio

–          Walk-in/inappropriate accident and emergency visits during general practioner clinic hours

–          Admissions for long term conditions

–          Falls

For 49 of the 229 CCGs there was only one area which they needed to improve.

In terms of regional impact, the best levels of performance in the regions of the Midlands and East UK. London is the most varied in rankings regarding success and costs. The region with the most challenging is the North of the UK, which is the worst scoring in 5 of the 8 above areas.

The NHS would gain more than 10% of their anual savings target if they took these ideas on board, also saving would increase if the best levels of performance were achieved and these 8 areas avoided at all costs.

Source: Pharmatimes article

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