NHS state May has failed to address “Country’s biggest injustices”

westminster_londonTheresa May is set to step down on 7 June, after a teary speech in which she said she had helped give “voice to the voiceless” with her contributions to the NHS during her time in the position.

Earlier in 2018 she announced that the NHS was to receive an extra £20 billion a year by 2023 as a 70th “birthday present”, with the £114 billion budget rising by an average of 3.4% annually, but experts say she has failed to tackle greatest social challenge of our time.

Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents organisations across the healthcare sector, commented that Theresa May was a “determined Prime Minister who deserves credit for delivering a long-term funding settlement for the NHS.

Yet she entered Number 10 pledging to fight injustice and failed to tackle one of the country’s biggest injustices – thousands of the most vulnerable in our communities are being left without the care and support they need, and millions of family carers are exhausted and at the end of their tether.

This is the greatest social challenge of our time – the next Prime Minister cannot duck this tragedy in our midst and should be judged on what they do to tackle the immediate crisis and to develop a long term solution.”

The Conservative party has said it hopes a new leader could be in place by the end of July.

Source: PharmaTimes