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Physician2Pharma workshops are free 1 day training workshops developed and organised by Only Medics.  Attendance at the workshop is by invitation following a detailed screening process.   The workshops are also attended by industry professionals, some of whom are actively recruiting.  Delegates will be expected to have already researched roles for physicians and be committed to making a move into industry without delay.

The workshops provide opportunity to:

  • Receive independent, targeted career advice
  • Learn more about the processes of Clinical Research, Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance
  • Learn about interview techniques and how to be successful when applying for roles
  • Take part in practical exercises about working in the industry
  • Receive a presentation folder packed with information about the pharmaceutical industry

The day includes presentations by experienced industry physicians and HR professionals.  The day focuses on educating new-to-medics as well as testing their skills in front of hiring managers and industry professionals.

HR professionals and medics from pharmaceutical companies are invited to attend as observers.  They have opportunity to see how the candidates perform and interact at the workshop rather than hiring on the basis of interviews alone.  During breaks and over lunch, delegates mingle with the industry professionals in a relaxed and informal environment and discuss points of interest.

The next Physician2Pharma event

To apply to attend the next workshop, please call our consultants on +44(0)118 952 2799 and confirm your interest when registering with us.  We will then contact you to discuss your career aspirations in more detail.

Please note that candidates for Physician2Pharma workshops must have:

  • Full GMC registration or an equivalent eligible for full GMC registration
  • At least 2 years post registration in recognised training rotations in the UK
  • Good evidence of prior research into roles in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Motivation and commitment to make a career transition into the industry
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Therapeutic expertise in Oncology, Haematology, Diabetes, Metabolic Disease, Endocrinology, GI, Infectious Diseases, Virology, CNS, Cardiology, Anaesthesia, Rheumatology or Respiratory medicine is a distinct advantage
  • For a role in Clinical Research, prior involvement in clinical trials; either as an investigator or sub-investigator, is important.

Comments from the previous Physician2Pharma training workshops:

“Excellent speakers, valuable information and insight to the pharmaceutical industry”

“I found myself thinking about entering pharma for quite some time before I finally plucked up the courage to make those first calls, and despite having made the decision, I found myself still in need of some reassurance, the so called “best practice evidence”. What I found so wonderful about the physician to pharma day is that it was full of people just like me – those that were also pondering over the same decisions and anxieties (the “what if’s”) and those that had already taken the leap and navigated their way into successful and rewarding careers as medics in pharma.
The day was structured so well, on so many levels; it gave me the opportunity on a personal level to engage with those who understood my motivations, my anxieties, the complexities involved with the process of moving into pharma. On a professional level, the workshop sessions, mentored by industry medics replicated the work we could expect to be doing in our future roles as Medical Advisors, being highly engaging, interesting, stimulating and reassuring all at the same time.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and could not recommend it highly enough to anybody seriously considering entering pharma. I learnt so much in one day, through the structured activities and networking with the other medics there that it really was invaluable. To my surprise, the icing on the cake was a phone call the following morning, which was followed up by an interview and job offer within the week. 3 months into my new job, there is no looking back, no regrets, a job I love, in a great company.”

“As a hiring manager, I found the ‘Physician to Pharma’ event a fantastic opportunity to meet with around 20 candidates over the course of a full day and was able to understand their skills and background together with their motivations for joining industry.
There were plenty of opportunities for them to ask questions to the hiring managers and I think the candidates also got a really good feel for what its like making the transition from clinical medicine into industry and whether it was right for them. I really enjoyed meeting them all and there was a huge amount of talent in the room – the candidates had been well screened by Only Medics. On the day, for me, there was one stand out candidate. I hired her within the week”
UK Head of Medical Affairs

“Just a short note to thank you for inviting me to the excellent workshop today. I found it inspiring, well-organised and very informative.”

“Thank you very much for the extremely useful workshop yesterday. It was great to interact with people who have moved into the industry and are able to offer an unbiased and realistic perspective. And of course, it was lovely to meet you!”

“Congratulations Only Medics.  A very well-organised day with excellent presentations and useful practical exercises.  It’s great that you offer this to entry level doctors.  From the HR perspective it was so helpful to see roles from industry medics’ viewpoint and we look forward to working with only medics in the future.”

“An inspiring day and an eye-opener on roles for doctors in the pharma industry.  Thank you for inviting me to Physician2Pharma last week and please pass on my thanks to all the HR managers and industry physicians for their presentations and helpful advice.”

“One of the most enjoyable days I’ve had in a while! Excellent candidates, enthusing presentations and just great, open-minded practical advice from someone who really understands medical roles and our industry.”

“I must be honest and admit that when I first heard about Physician2Pharma, I thought it was simply a recruitment exercise.  How wrong I was.  It was refreshing to meet a company that is so supportive of medics’ careers and puts their needs ahead of its own.”

“I will not lie to you, prior to attending the workshop I had spoken with another recruitment company and as you know my CV was available on other websites so I subsequently received several calls from other companies.  That being said, none impressed me as much as Only Medics and I fully intend to deal with you exclusively.  I thank you once again for the opportunity to attend the workshop and look forward to speaking to you again in due course.”

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